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Here's where you can find Issue 2 of Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated, a fan-led project to recreate our favourite Sonic the Comic strips with a different artist for each panel. See how you can get involved with future issues on our about page!

Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated - Issue 2

Sonic the Comic: Reillustrated Issue 2

This issue recreates The Origin of Sonic from issue #8 of STC.

The Origin of Sonic was one of Nigel Kitching's first contributions to STC and was pivotal in setting the direction the comic took for nearly 100 issues. It also adapts Sonic and Robotnik's backstory from the storybook Stay Sonic, which remained crucial to the comic until its very end.

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Thank you so much to all the humes who contributed and helped with getting this issue completed!